Liashko And Syrotian Of Parimatch, Portnov Became President

The owner After Sergey Portnov’s transfer from the CEO to the chairman, online casino malaysia 96Ace Parimatch is taking the unusual method of making two co-CEOs. A new advertising team, called the “Control Board,” was established by the Corporation. Among them are the main player Katerina Belorusskaya and Non-Executive Consultant Marek Šmrha. In addition to joining the Supervisory Board, Maksym Liashko and Roman Syrotian are to be co-CEOs. Liashko will cover financing, regulatory, coordination and administration for the division of labour. Syrotian will work on IT, commodity and marketing.

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The Role As An Executive 

There is no alternate executive function in the board, with the operator hoping to fill it with the right applicant. For Roman and me, a dual CEO arrangement is a rational transformation and strengthening of the growth of the group,” said New co-CEO Liashko. We are well aware of our regions, and will do everything possible to execute the strategy of the organisation for the next phase of growth.

His fellow CEO Syrotian said: Maksym and I have a commitment as co-CEO to lead the business. For me, this is an honour. With Parimatch still in great form today, it aims to reach top positions in the world’s markets.

I look forward to contributing to that aim by providing the best quality entertainment and facilities for our clients. Portnov added in the meantime: “Updates in the organisation of the organisation and the establishment of a board indicate the maturity and preparation of the company. The right time for these reforms is now. I am sure that will reinforce the strategy of the brand and allow Parimatch to travel rapidly along the route. Betting and the technology brand Parimatch have announced its formation to lead its growth by leaving CEO Sergey Portnov to become its Chairman.


The approach of co-CEO is uncommon. The industry currently has related examples, such as Jesper Svensson CEO of the Betsson Group and Pontus Lindwall, Chief Executive Officer of Betsson AB.

CEO Daniel Eskola was also taken by Relax Gaming, as his successor Tommi Maijala was as CEO. However, all CEOs and not the co-CEOs participated. Relax Gaming Exactly what this shake-up entails and what motivates, for example when it comes to some legislative or regional focuses is key points to follow in Parimatch’s voyage.

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The influence of Portnov on daily activities as chairman would also be intriguing. In addition to the position of the Supervisory Board, Maksym Liashko and Roman Syrotian have been designated as co-CEOs. Both share the operating duties, while Syrotian will be focused on IT, merchandise and marketing, where Liashko will carry on the finances, legal and contact positions. Games “A dual CEO structure for Roman and myself is a sensible step, and a strengthening of the path for progress,” Liashko said.

The board nominees include the stakeholder Katerina Belorusskaya,  Slot Machine who has been with the firm since 2011, and the non-consejuvenile analyst Marek Šmrha. Sergey Portnov will become CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors.

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